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Our 'Inner Child'

I am on the fence about having an "inner child" at my age of 45.

I totally understand the concept... but what I know to be true as a Clinical Hypnotherapist is that when things happen to us as children when our brains are not developed enough to understand, a piece of our psyche stays at that age, while the rest of us grows. As Neurodivergent people, not many of us have made it to adulthood without pieces of our psyche left in our younger years when we have experienced trauma throughout our lives.

A lot of the hypnosis timeline work I do with clients involves giving clients the ability to apply the wisdom they have now to their younger self, and then relook at the event with a different, wiser perspective, and then walk back through their life with this wiser perspective noticing how they see all of these events differently.

That's why I don't believe we should have an inner child as adult. I believe we need to do the work to heal parts of psyche we left behind as children/younger people, and then grow these parts of us up to our current age to be complete and whole now.

Seeing a client come out of Hypnosis with vibrant eyes and a passion for their future is literally one of the best things I have ever experienced.

The events will always have taken place, but how you are affected by them can absolutely be different. I bow to all of my clients that show up each and every day to do this work - true leaders and cycle breakers ♡

- 'WC' T ♡

Image is of a younger version of me.

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