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As a Business we are too emotionally involved...

....and we get that.

I have been doing Business Coaching for years and have all the qualifications, but time and time again we burn out as we just can’t seem to ‘clock off’ when we are supposed to. Hence me posting on a Sunday.

How can we? When it feels like there is constant pressure (applied by our own brains) to change the narrative for neurodivergents, to stop them enduring what we did. How am I supposed to say no to Rob when he is dropping off clothes and food to a client living in a caravan with no family and friends below the poverty line?

Or him stop me from making my social stories for new clients late at night when my own child is bathed and fed so that our newbies have a tool to know exactly what they will be transitioning into? Or whatever back end task needs be doing?

We know there are smarter ways and we are trying to hold each other accountable (but hey, PDA)as we both know we are no use to any one when we are in burn out, and let’s face it, bad things happen when we run out of spoons completely. We all learned that from witnessing Rob go through this last year.

So we try to do the right things, but some things we actually don’t want to change… so this will never just be a Business for us, it’s literally our life.

In saying that, it is crucial that we do invest in our health and trying to keep our spoons / energy input replenishing - thanks for the great visual neurodivergent_insights.

For us that means supplements, higher protein / lower carb & sugar food, listening to uplifting things; doing daily workouts; ongoing personal development; saunas, ice baths; yoga; breath work; outside support where we can; living a neurodivergent-affirming life and more.

We do our best as we want to be our best, but we fully acknowledge we are too emotionally involved which means we need to be super aware of our energy outputs vs energy inputs. Just wanted to be transparent and real that we don’t always get that balance right, but we are consistently trying to.

Sending big love for a happy, low-demand Sunday x

- T ♡

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