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Connecting with your autistic child, sibling, student, spouse and friend.

We want you to be able to connect to your autistic child, sibling, student, spouse and friends so will be sharing a number of suggestions for how to do so.

As always, for a connection to be developed you need to meet your autistic child, sibling, student, spouse and friend where THEY are at and walk forward WITH them.

Part of forming this connection could be around creating a deep interest in our passions and topics of focus.

You will know what they are as we share them with you ♡ Info-dumping is one of our love languages.

So if it's about planes - create adventures where you see them or experience them together.

If it's lego, play lego with them or find a youtube clip that shows how to build lego of a favourite lego theme at the moment.

If it's an adult interested in breathwork, book in to do a session together or read the Wim Hof book so that you can share interesting facts about breathwork with them (that they will usually know - but hey, we are focusing on connection here, not needing to know more 😉 )

The options for connection on our special interests are endless. But please note that surface-level interests won’t be enough, and you will appear bored to us. Most AuDHD’ers (Autistic ADHD'ers) will NOT feel the connection there for sharing this interest with you any further in those circumstances and that opportunity for connection will shut off.

Connection is everything ♡

- Tan x

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