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Neurodivergent Adult Sessions

A dynamic haven crafted for neurodivergent adults to explore, connect, and flourish

We believe in fostering an inclusive sanctuary where adults can embrace their authentic selves. From meaningful discussions centred around shared interests to creative sessions unlocking self-expression to Parents of Neurodivergent Children learning from Neurodivergent Adults, our Neurodivergent Adult Sessions offer a diverse array of experiences.

All adult sessions are $35/hr, NDIS claimable under the Individual or Carer Education. Email to secure your spot.


Seeking to understand the needs of neurodivergent children from their perspective and adapting the environment to meet these needs


Validating children’s feelings, helping them recognise their triggers, and assisting in identifying calming strategies


Teaching children to better understand the emotions, behaviours, and communication of other people around them, so they can better choose how they want to respond


Encouraging neurodivergent rather than neurotypical listening skills


Understanding and accommodating individual sensory needs


We are proud to be a neurodivergent-affirming service, which means:

Embracing neurodivergent perspectives and adapting environments for individual needs

Accommodating unique sensory preferences for inclusivity.

Honouring diverse neurodivergent communication styles.

Acknowledging the importance of processing time and providing safe spaces.

Nurturing safe self-regulation practices, including embracing stimming behaviours.

Utilising neurodivergent-affirming language throughout interactions.

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