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FREE Autism Screener Questionnaires for Adults

For many people, online autism screener questionnaires are one of the significant first steps in their self-discovery journey. The following also includes pros and cons of 5 Children Autism Screener Questionnaires. These can be helpful both for self discovery/identification and for those considering a medical diagnosis.


As a disclaimer, any instrument should  be considered one data point and doesn’t substitute medical evaluation.


A standard screen for Autism includes 50 questions and measures how any Autistic traits a person has.

Pros: Has been widely used in many populations & studies

Cons: Includes many stereotypes and my miss high-maskers, extroverted Autistic people, or imaginative Autistic people

The CAT-Q measures the level of Autistic camouflaging

Pros: Helps identify high-masking Autistic people

Cons: There are reasons other than autism that a person may have a high score. CAT-Q may have a higher rate of false positives


Designed to identify adults who may have previously “escaped diagnosis”

Pros: Focuses more on internal experiences than outward behaviours & high sensitivity, which help distinguish  between Autism and other conditions(Bipolar, PTSD, Social Anxiety)

Cons: Longer administration, complex answer structure and many dislike how questions are phrased (always/only/never)

The Aspie Quiz measures Autistic and neurotypical traits in five domains: talent, perception, communication, relationship, & social.

Pros: Avoids pathologizing language, respectful and clearly worded questions and detailed visual feedback

Cons: Has not been independently validated in a clinical setting and not widely recognised within the medical establishment


Pros and Cons source: @mrsspeechiep

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