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FREE Autism Screener Questionnaires for Kids

For many people, online autism screener questionnaires are one of the significant first steps in their self-discovery journey for themselves and/or their child. The following includes pros and cons of 5 Children Autism Screener Questionnaires. These can be helpful both for self discovery/identification and for those considering a medical diagnosis.


As a disclaimer, any instrument should  be considered one data point and doesn’t substitute medical evaluation.

Image by Senjuti Kundu

Measures autistic traits in children aged 18-24 months

Pros: Questions can help parents know what to look for and monitor

Cons: Not cut-off score and includes many stereotypes

This is an experimental screening tool based on the current DSM-5criteria based on the DSM-5 criteria for autism.

Pros: Assesses different domains & ability to mark areas of historic difficulty

Cons: Ableist language and includes many stereotypes


Parent Questionnaire for children ages  5-11.

Pros: Has a variety of questions

Cons: Yes/No format and may miss social kids

This screening is known for its properties in capturing the broader range of autistic traits in children aged 7-16.

Pros: May help identify kids that were misdiagnosed

Cons: Ableist language  & professional jargon


Pros and Cons source: @mrsspeechiep

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