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Let's circle up and talk about Autistic & ADHD Monotropism

This relates to polarised thinking about one thing (Monotropism), compared to the more scattered and broad thinking about multiple different things (Polytropism). This relates to both Autism and ADHD.

Some questions relating to Autistic Monotropism from 'Autistic and Unapologetic':

Q. Why do autistic & ADHD people deem dismissive of the feelings of some but over-empathise with others?

A. We always can empathise, it's just that sometimes we're a little too distracted to notice that we should

Q. What are autistic & ADHD people quiet as a mouse one moment but loud as an elephant the next?

A. It depends on whether we're talking about something we love or something we are not interested in

Q. Why do autistic & ADHD people seem to have a very high pain tolerance but then suddenly can be knocked down with a feather?

A. Our minds are capable of blocking out any intrusion (even danger) but, when it's right in front of us, it's all we can think about

Q. Why are autistic & ADHD people so incredible at knowing the ins and outs of specific subjects but then struggle in other areas, like money management?

A. Once again, we're probably not that interested in the other topics (although given that the finance industry is full of autists, it's best not to make this assumption in the first place).

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