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Mind Mastery

"Most of us have disconnected to who we authentically are. Humans in this time spend the majority of our life in survival mode... and with it we have learned conditioning, unhealthy coping strategies, and impacting external forces that have bought us even further from  our authentic selves, our souls, our essence, our true way of being.


We CAN reconnect to your happiest, healthiest version of ourselves... because that is who you authentically are...  you just learned the rest.... and if you learned it, with my help you can unlearn it too.  It's time to be seen as  the stunning masterpiece & beautiful work in progress that you already are   xxx"


- Tanya Unveiled

Tanya Unveiled.

Who am I?

I specialise in Authenticity Architecture

I don't fix anyone. Not in my work, not in my role as a parent, not even myself. To ‘fix’ is to assert something is broken.

Our human existence is a continuum of deaths & resurrections throughout each lifetime.

We are constantly outgrowing older versions of ourselves through life adversaries, through our mistakes, and through the times we choose to face the unconscious patterns that are limiting our life.

At each stage of evolvement our soul is our constant - wanting to be embodied in our human form, yet our very human brain has not evolved enough to not want to keep us safe from the things it does not know, even if what it knows is negative conditioning that is keeping us stuck.

Like a Phoenix, our 'ashes' are the outdated conditioning and negative coping mechanisms that we have learned to keep us 'safe', but usually limited. Most people choose to stay in their 'ashes' well after their life has figuratively burned down around them, settling for a life that does not serve them.

Also like the Phoenix, we can choose to rise from our 'ashes'. We can acknowledge that we indeed are WORTHY of doing the hard things that will allow us to be resurrected into a life we desire, and that we can repeat that as many times as we find ourselves in yet another blazing fire in our life.

I have walked (sometimes crawled) trough many fires in this lifetime while the life as I knew it burned to the ground. I accept that I cannot control my life path, but I can choose how to respond to what shows up on it. I know that no matter what 'ashes' I find myself in I can choose to rise again and again, each time a more evolved version than before.

This is how I pay it forward, by walking out of my fires carrying buckets for those who come after me.  I see you.  It's time for you to see your authentic self too.

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