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It's through life's challenges that earth angels have the opportunity for their wings to be seen

I truly believe that.

It's also why I believe that our part in this is to walk out of our own fire's carrying water for those that come behind us. That's what's up. That's the gig. It's also where our phoenix logo came from - it's never about just receiving. It's about what you do with your gift of someone coming to find you in your dark.

Even to just sit in the dark together.

Even just to see you, the real you, or to see your child.

Even just to pass you by with a comment that made everything make sense.

We are literally surrounded by earth angels all the time... but they are not needed when everything is flowing so we don't get the opportunity to see them. They step up and shine their wings so brightly when you are in your darkest time.

They could be a therapist...

a friend...

a family member...

A stranger...

Someone online you will never meet...

And through an interaction or many interactions, even if you have had many interactions before with no consequence, this time you see them differently. This time they have left their mark on you.

The work is still always our own, but sometimes we have earth angels just do something that allows you to start, continue or evolve that work for yourself. They show you it is possible or at least gives you the confidence to start.

Today I honour all of the earth angels that have carried me on certain parts of my path when I did not see the way for myself. I honour my son's earth angels as well. I see you. If it wasn't for those shitty parts of my life I would not have had the chance to see you for who you REALLY are, and for that I am grateful.

Lots of love,

- Tan ♡ x

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