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When you wear a mask for your whole life, not everyone is going to be happy when you take it off

That's the reality that most late-identified neurodivergents face.

It is best for US to unmask and live authentically, but not the people closest to us at times.

I faced this reality myself. I have unmasked to the stage where I didn't need alcohol or other coping mechanisms to be happy, which meant I was able to do things healthy for me like exercising every morning, meditating, breath-work, eating healthily, taking supplements which of course made me feel happier within myself, only to be greeted with a mass exodus from the people in my life because at 40 years I became a person living a lifestyle that was too "foreign" to them.

Through therapy, I now know that we all assume roles in our lives, and if you start playing a different role and being a different person, even if it is a massively positive difference to you like the changes I have made, you feel unsafe to those who are used to you play the old role in their life.

Unsafe. Because I now don't drink or use unhealthy coping mechanisms and actively do things to support a healthy lifestyle.


I am not going to lie, it really hurts - why don't the people in my life want the best version of me even if it does feel foreign?

After cha cha'ing with sabotaging my progress with this so that I could still feel connected to these family and friends, I am at the stage where I know I have to keep moving in the direction I know I want to go for me.

Unmasking is essential for our health and happiness... but if we start it too late in late it sometimes comes with a price. Pay that price anyway, you deserve it.

- Rob x

📸 the incredible @neurowild (instagram only) who has a gift with these images

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