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Our Neurodivergent Men's Program:

Alpha Leaders

Neurodiversity doesn't just finish in childhood. We need support, mentorship and opportunities for growth through our whole life... even as Men. Actually, especially for men because {as I have learned from my own mentor} what has been passed down from generation to generation for what it means to be a man doesn't work in today's generation... and the representation of happy, healthy, thriving Neurodiverse leaders of our Community is lacking.


We need proud Neurodivergent Men to stand up and be the examples for our next generations.


This Is For You If:

  • You a neurodiverse male existing like a lone wolf

  • You have spent your life feeling different, told how you are is wrong and had many people tried to “fix you”, and as a result you mask and hide so many parts of yourself that no-one really gets to see the real you

  • You want to reconnect with your heart and soul and truly understand & embody YOUR authentic greatness

  • You are open to learning conscious practices to be empowered to own who you are like daily rituals, breathing techniques, journalling, yoga, meditation, fire circles, reconnecting with the land and camping out in nature and other daily conscious practices that enable you to supercharge your neurodiverse brain

  • You are wanting someone to meet you where you are at and walking forward with you

  • You are looking for Neurodiverse Mentoring and support worker that will see you as abled Neurodivergent Man

Tailored To YOUR Needs: 

This could look like:

  • Developing confidence by learning to connect with what's great about YOU

  • Developing independence from the family unit (if still living at parents' home and looking to transition to more independence) with 1:1 or small group male mentored daily assistance living at the Abled Brothers Beach Shack and on camping sleep overs

  • Going on different Capacity Building adventures based on the your interests whether it be climbing mountains / fishing / or another passion

  • Learning conscious practices to supercharge your neurodiverse brain 

  • Having opportunities to learn the skills needed for employment with work experience supporting the 2 x younger Wolfpack programs

  • Male companionship

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