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Sunshine Coast Community Gala Winner!

Massive congrats goes out to our Tan who was awarded the prestigious 'Emerging Community Leader' Award at the Sunshine Coast Community Gala Awards on the weekend. So let's shine a light on some of the reasons she was awarded this recognition (as advised by the judges)...

Image: Rob and Tan and the Emerging Community Leader Award.

Tanya has been at the forefront of advocating for Neurodivergent children since her son was diagnosed (now referred to as identified) 8 years ago.

During that time she has volunteered her time to head parents groups at the school for children with additional needs & supported many parents of newly identified children in the community in her own time. She was even awarded a special recognition in the ‘Parent/Carer’ Award category by Autism QLD in 2020.

What makes Tanya different and a pioneer though, is she walks out of her fires carrying water for those who come after her.

Tanya birthed our ‘Neurodivergent Empowered’ business after her own traumatic experience as a burnt out/stressed out carer not able to access the supports she needed, & seeing too many neurodivergent adults not able to access a diagnosis, support and/or correct medication.

She believes the generations of Neurodivergents that we failed as children (nearly every Neurodivergent adult has experienced some type of trauma) we are now failing again as adults and she decided that she wouldn’t add herself to the list of people not doing anything about it.

When people are in their most darkest times of their lives, usually participating in undesirable behaviours and unhealthy coping mechanisms, most people lean out and/or focus on the things people are doing (usually by excluding them). After discovering that most neurodivergent adults that have not received the appropriate support and/or medication fit into this category in some way, Tanya decided that she would instead 'lean in' to help these individuals find the root cause of their challenges (trauma etc), provide them solutions for overcoming it, allowing them to reconnect with themselves in a healthy, happy, fulfilled capacity.

Personally, I am one of the neurodivergent adults that have benefited from Tanya’s Neurodivergent Empowerment Programs when I was unsuccessfully going through all of the hoops needed to get diagnosed Autistic and ADHD as an adult (took over a year); and then how to adjust my life to suit my neurology and sensory profile once I couldn’t access my medication due to no psychiatrists on the Sunshine Coast taking on new neurodivergent adult clients to prescribe and adjust it.

But, I am fortunate that Tanya had the knowledge & solutions tailored to neurodivergent minds, when nothing else worked. It’s through her tenacity & belief that I am literally here today, & her wisdom & solutions-focused mind (she saw that I was great at my work & joined forces with my Support Work business) that my future looks incredible. And I am just one of the many people she has helped and empowered.

Image: Tanya receiving her award from the inspirational Dinesh Palipana

Adding to the above, she is also no stranger to achievement adding to her win as Emerging Community Leader as a late-identified Neurodivergent woman herself. Tanya represented her country in hockey (Australian Country) and was co-captain of the Sunshine Coast womens hockey team for many years; Completed numerous qualifications; been employed in national management corporate positions; run successful businesses;... though if you ask her no doubt her best achievement is creating an empowering environment for her child to thrive.

Which is what we want for all neurodivergent children and why we do what we do. We empower Neurodivergents and their Carers through Friendship Programs, Online Programs, Fire Circles, Day Retreats and overnight Retreat Programs enabling them to connect to their unique self in 1:1 or group sessions - incorporating anything from breath work, SUPing, Fishing, Group hypnosis sessions, (adults only), return to self conscious practices and much more.

Image: Tanya, her son Kianni, and Rob represent Neurodivergent Empowered at the opening of the Sunshine Coast Community Gala Awards

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