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Knowing your neurology is not negatively labelling someone - it’s empowering them.

For 40 years I did not know I was Autistic… though it was pretty evident that I had ADHD.

That pic of ‘younger’ me is the result. Needing to drink a lot of alcohol each night to try and feel happy & not understanding why I just couldn’t “get my shit together” when everybody else looked like they were doing it easy. I remember waking each morning with a hangover getting ready for work wondering if I was killing myself (spoiler alert - I was). I don’t want that for our kids.

Now I know I was just trying to play the wrong neurotypical ‘apps’ on my unique neurodivergent operating system!

Once I started to understand my sensory needs, how my brain worked and what supports I needed to put into place, I didn’t need external things to make me happy… though I still struggle at times with 40 years of masking conditioning.

You are not protecting your kids by hiding from them the very knowledge they need to find their authentic happiness. From someone who knows and who wish knew a lot sooner in life.

Just throwing it out there.

- Rob x

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