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ADHD supplements: Magnesium Glycinate

As part of our 'empowerment' focus, we totally understand that a formal diagnosis of ADHD is absolutely a privilege. We recognise that on the Sunshine Coast that there are zero Neurodivergent-specialised psychiatrists taking on new adults, and there are people going without their medication and support.

We also understand that there is a proportion of our community that does not want medication as they don't like how their brain feels, and so we want to support these groups of people as well.

That is why we have done a lot of research on leading ADHD experts including Psychiatrists James Greenblatt MD & Daniel G. Amen, M.D. & Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, amongst others, to provide you with information on supplements that may support you with or without stimulant medication.

Today's is on Magnesium Glycinate.

**If you have the privilege of working with a medical health specialist, this information does not override what they have advised you as they should be aware of this information. Please raise the question if you have not discussed it. This is purely general information and not individualised to your particular situation.**

- T ♡ x

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