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The word 'respite' just isn't our jam when it comes to our clients...

...and that is why all of our 1:1 day and overnight sessions with our clients are called 'retreats' - because frankly, that is the calibre they deserve!!!

Day retreats are utilising all of the facilities at our Neurodivergent safe space facility at Golden Beach which we call, 'the nest'; as well as the beach across the road, our bikes, our SUPs, fishing, our craft supplies, our canoes and /or anything else that is aligned to our client's interests that we can cater for. Being the location it is, it also can include riding to the movies, bowling alley, the arcade, markets and other things we are fortunate enough to be within riding and walking distance.

Our overnight retreats utilise all of these things and include having your own room; cooking Bar B Qs or the foods you like; night bike rides, breath work, morning workouts, swimming in the ocean, meditations and/or anything that aligns with our client's interests which may also just be some chill out time by themselves playing some PlayStation or reading and just getting some down time away from their siblings.

We usually have people book in for weekly 'day retreats' of 3 - 6hrs per week before progressing to overnight stays. Fees are aligned with NDIS Support Work hourly and overnight stays. If you have another friend you want to come with you, fees are charged at our Wolfpack rates each.

You are welcome here. We cannot wait to have you in our safe space ♡

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