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I have been Cyberstalked for years now

I debated whether to share this one but with one Protection Order in place and currently upgrading that to a DVO, I want to do what I can to protect others from Cyberstalking too.

We need to take the onus off the victims and place the focus on the people doing the Cyberstalking. Like me, who have taken many measures to 'block' people of malice from my accounts, only to have them involve other people to access my Business & Personal accounts on their behalf (also involving those people in illegal activity - showing the blocked offenders information on your device or forwarding information to people you know are blocked, from it is a big 'no no'), I can't just stay quiet on this topic.

If a Woman in her 40s is experiencing this (and I am pretty boring), what is happening to our vulnerable young people? People think that it is ok if it is done online, but it's not, and there are repercussions for people involved in cyberstalking.

Cyberstalking is when a person keeps constant track of you online in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, worried or threatened.

Cyberstalking is the use of digital technology to track and harass someone. Cyberstalking behaviour can include:

✨ constantly checking in on someone and trying to get their attention even when they make it clear that they are not interested

✨ making repeated unwanted contact with someone by calling, emailing, texting, messaging, or asking inappropriate questions

✨ repeatedly sending, posting or sharing unwanted sexual requests, sexual or offensive content, abusive comments, or false accusations to or about someone

✨ monitoring someone’s movements using the location (GPS) technologies that are built into the operating systems of phones and fitness apps, or using tracking devices or spyware

following or contacting someone across multiple online accounts and making it known they can’t hide

✨ accessing or hacking someone’s online accounts to find their personal information, track their movements, read their emails or messages, or change their passwords to lock them out of their own accounts

✨ ‘gaslighting’ a person by changing their environment in small ways that are difficult to prove to others, such as using remotes to turn internet-connected devices on and off within their home.

All Australian jurisdictions have laws dealing with cyberstalking. If you are in Australia and in immediate danger call the police on Triple Zero (000). Otherwise, you can contact your local police through the police assistance line (131 444). You can also contact 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) for advice and support.

Remember, just like face-to-face, you have a right to remove people virtually from your life. You don't 'owe' anyone anything, even if you are in the public eye, and sadly there is something not right in someone's life if they are putting their unwanted energy into you. That is still not your fault - we are all responsible for doing our own work.

Sending big love

- T ♡

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