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About Us

Where Lived Experience Meets Professional Expertise to Empower Authentic Lives.

As a team of dedicated, passionate individuals, we are neurodivergent ourselves, blending our lived experience with professional qualifications including a fully qualified early childhood teacher with current registration & neurodivergent-affirming Counsellors, to foster safe spaces where neurodivergents and their families can embrace their authentic selves through 'Authenticity Architecture'©.


Our Passion

Our passion lies in supporting overlooked and unsupported neurodivergent individuals. We've created a safe haven, our 'Nest,' where safety and connection are paramount. Working closely with parents, therapists, and support workers, we ensure a secure environment for all.

Our Mission

In a world where conventional norms often overshadow the beauty of neurodivergence, our mission is clear - to provide a sanctuary where neurodivergent individuals and their families can embrace their true selves, find serenity for their nervous systems, and explore their authenticity through holistic well-being.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our Heart

Our Neurodivergent Mentors and Phoenix Friends Leaders are all neurodivergent individuals who have risen from adversities, undergoing ongoing neurodivergent-affirming professional development. They work in collaboration with each client's therapists, such as OT's, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Art Therapists, and other NDIS-related therapists, to support our clients in reaching their neurodivergent-affirming goals.

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that neurodivergents deserve profound acceptance and love for who they are from early childhood to adults. We prioritise their well-being by fostering connections with like-minded neurodivergents who share similar interests, recognising the transformative power of these relationships and the potential risks that come with isolation, while developing essential skills to thrive in a NT-dominated world that is not designed for our brains.

Our Story

Neurodivergent Empowered is the brainchild of Tanya Hicks, an accomplished Neurodivergent Woman and devoted mother to a Neurodivergent child. With an impressive track record in various professional arenas such as national management, neurodivergent-affirming therapy and international sporting representation, Tanya recognised a pressing need within our community.

She passionately embarked on a mission to create a haven where Neurodivergent individuals could truly thrive, and her vision is clear—to empower Neurodivergent children, teenagers, and adults to embrace their unique selves, foster self-confidence, and discover genuine happiness. Alongside her dedicated team, they are translating this vision into a powerful reality. 

Image by Igor Kasalovic
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Tanya is proud Premium and Disability Entrepreneur Member of the Disability Leadership Institute at the highest 'Experienced Leader' Leadership Level.

Meet The Team

As an experienced and qualified team of dedicated and passionate neurodivergent individuals, our journey is enriched by our collective roles as parents, professionals, and advocates within the neurodivergent community. We've discovered the need for a safe space where our clients can truly be themselves, find solace for their nervous systems, and embrace their authentic selves.


In a world where conventional norms often overshadow the beauty of neurodivergence, our mission is clear - to provide a sanctuary where neurodivergent individuals and their families can embrace their true selves, find serenity for their nervous systems, and explore their authenticity through holistic well-being.

Our 4 Pillar Neurodivergent Empowered Blueprint

Empowerment from a Neurodivergent-Affirming Approach


Discover the intricate workings of your unique brain and understand your individual Neurology. Explore your Sensory Profile and identify your specific Nervous System needs. Immerse yourself in the Neurodiversity Paradigm, seeking out and valuing neurodivergent voices.


Embrace your authenticity and let it shine for all to see. Find comfort in our safe space facility, the 'Nest,' and surround yourself with Neurodivergent-affirming allies, neurokin, relationships, and supports.


Embrace your true self without the influence of external masks or conditioning. Rediscover who you were before others defined you and explore your identity beyond the need to fit in. Release your masks and stims, and confront any internalised ableism, revealing your authentic identity.


Embody the actions and conscious processes that nourish your unique and beautiful neurodivergent soul blueprint. Through self-love, optimize your well-being and fully embrace your authentic self.

Promoting masking, loss of autonomy, or loss of personal agency.

Eliminating stimming behaviours.

Developing goals that seek to “cure” neurodivergent behaviours.

Our Service does NOT involve:

Our Service DOES involve:


Seeking to understand the needs of neurodivergent children from their perspective and adapting the environment to meet these needs


Validating children’s feelings, helping them recognise their triggers, and assisting in identifying calming strategies


Teaching children to better understand the emotions, behaviours, and communication of other people around them, so they can better choose how they want to respond


Encouraging neurodivergent rather than neurotypical listening skills


Understanding and accommodating individual sensory needs


Understanding and respecting neurodivergent communication styles


Assisting in developing self-advocacy and problem-solving skills


Recognising the need for processing time and safe spaces


Encouraging safe self-regulation skills, including stimming


Adopting neurodiversity affirming language

“The team at NE have made such an incredible difference to my family. It's my sons happy place, his safe place, where he knows without a doubt his needs will be met and an immense amount of fun will be had...”

Alexa Young, CA

We Reward Our Referrals

We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of our community. Whether you're a Therapist, a Client, a Team Member, or an invested Member of the Public, we value your support in spreading the word about Neurodivergent Empowered.

Here's how it works:

  1. Register: Join our Referral Rewards Program by registering on our website. You'll receive a unique Referral Code that identifies you.

  2. Get Your Code: Once registered, find your Referral Code in your settings tab.

  3. Share the Love: Share your Referral Code with friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who might benefit from our services.

  4. Earn Rewards: Every successful referral (ie they book in for at least  1 x weekly session per week with us and complete their Service Agreement and Empowerment Plan) you make from December 26th, 2023, onward we will give back to you 10% of the income we receive from their first sessions with us as appreciation of your efforts in expanding our community.


At Neurodivergent Empowered, we're not just building a community; we're creating a network of support and empowerment. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we make a difference.

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