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Psycho-Social Recovery Coach

We're excited to introduce you to the world of Psychosocial Recovery Coaching - a service that's making meaningful strides in our commitment to supporting mental health and well-being while linking you with the best neurodivergent-affirming supports. 🌈

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching vs Support Coordination

Yes, these roles share similarities within the 'Capacity Building' category, and Gemma can do both. They both coordinate supports for you and you can use your 'Support Coordination' funding to choose which one is best for you.

Navigating the Personal Journey

While Support Coordinators excel at linking participants with services, our Psychosocial Recovery Coach adds an extra layer of support that's centred on your evolving well-being. From setting personalised goals to handling the twists and turns, they're your companions in your unique growth journey.

Specialised Mental Health Expertise

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coach is like a mental health ally! Armed with expert knowledge and lived experience, Gemma specialises in understanding the nuanced challenges of mental health journeys. She navigates alongside you, respecting that growth doesn't always follow a straight line. 🌱

Why We Have a Psychosocial Recovery Coach on Our Team

Many of our cherished clients experience psychosocial disabilities. We recognise that mental well-being isn't just about the mind; it's about the entire self. Our Psychosocial Recovery Coach bridges this understanding by offering specialised support that respects the diverse pathways of each individual. 🌍

**Coming Soon**


Introducing Gemma: Our Neurodivergent-Affirming Psychosocial Recovery Coach!

We are thrilled to have Gemma as part of the Neurodivergent Empowered family as our Psychosocial Recovery Coach. With her deep understanding of neurodivergence and passion for growth, Gemma is here to empower us on our unique journeys.

Gemma brings a wealth of knowledge and multiple mental health qualifications, enriching her support. Her unique perspective guides us through life's challenges with empathy.

As a Neurodivergent-Affirming Psychosocial Recovery Coach, Gemma nurtures essential skills, independence, and our strengths. She collaborates with neurodivergent-affirming therapists for holistic support, honouring our diverse paths.

Whether enhancing self-awareness, fostering inclusion, promoting autonomy, or navigating NDIS, Gemma's care makes her invaluable.

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