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Wolfpack Group Mentoring - Weekdays


  • 1 hour
  • $35/hr
  • Neurodivergent Empowered 'Nest'

Service Description

09_011_0125_6_3 Attendance at a group that builds a participant’s relationship skills and offer a range of activities and opportunities to explore wider interests. Are you left heartbroken when you hear about your child sitting alone on the “buddy bench” at school? Is your child more likely to be friends with the teacher at school than the other children? Are all the therapies your child enrolled in focusing on their deficits, when you know there are so many positives to your child? We know the pain. I have two sons on the spectrum, one of them also with ODD; and my Business Partner also has a son on the Spectrum with ADHD, Dysgraphia, and Sensory Processing Disorder. We spent a LOT of time looking for Neurodivergent LEADERS to mentor our children in the way their brain needs it... and ended up realising that both being successful neurodivergent leaders ourselves... with myself already coaching & mentoring children in different capacities since 2012...we were the solution to what we were looking for. This is why we created the “Wolfpack” friendship program for neurodivergent children: Everything in a wolf’s nature tells it to belong to something greater than itself: a pack. Like us, wolves form friendships, maintain lifelong bonds and play together into old age. They succeed by belonging, and they struggle when they’re alone. The Neurodivergent Empowered way is NOT that of your typical community support worker & I make no apologies for delivering our work from the heart in a conscious, neurodivergent affirmative, abilities’ focused way. We embrace, and celebrate, cognitive differences and I empower my clients to own, and love, who THEY are. ***Hourly rate does not include any external activity fees, these will be charged extra***

Contact Details

  • 3/10 Leeding Terrace, Caloundra QLD 4551, Australia


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