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Neurodivergent Teen Sessions

A vibrant space designed for neurodivergent teens to explore, connect, and thrive

We believe in creating an inclusive haven where teens can be their authentic selves. From engaging discussions on shared interests to creative sessions that unlock self-expression, our Neurodivergent Teen Sessions offer a spectrum of experiences.

Neurodivergent Teens Leadership Development Program

Empowering Neurodivergent Teens to Lead, Learn, and Love — A Journey of Self-Discovery and Community Impact.

Embodying the Neurodivergent Empowered 4 Pillar Blue Print

A journey of self-discovery, community impact, and empowerment. Throughout the year, our teens will explore neurodiversity, cultivate authenticity, build self-confidence, and foster self-love through diverse experiences and empowering practices.

Leadership in the Neurodivergent Community

 Engage in community-focused projects, including the "Teens Takeover" of our official Neurodivergent Empowered social media channels on Saturdays and the launch of our Neurodivergent Empowered Podcast, providing insights through a neurodivergent teen lens.

Skill Application

Part of this program attendance at least the Wednesday and Saturday teen sessions, where they'll apply the skills learned, assist in program sessions, and participate in various business-related activities and ongoing development.


Initiate a practical understanding of entrepreneurship by obtaining an ABN, managing invoices, and leading program sessions for younger Phoenix Friends.

Payment of this Program will be through weekly attendance at at least two of the teens sessions each week to embed this knowledge which are all NDIS claimable. There will also be an online learning component and as there are paid aspects to the program, your child will be obtaining their Working with Children Check and NDIA Worker Screening at my expense.


Embark on an exploration of neurodiversity, delving into the diverse spectrum and voices of neurodivergence. Uncover individual neurology intricacies, identify sensory profiles, and optimise nervous system regulation through practical exercises.


Initiate a journey into authenticity, unveiling and embracing your true identity. Confront internalized ableism, rediscover oneself beyond societal expectations, and develop strategies for releasing masks and stims.


Enter a phase of creating a safe space within the 'Nest,' understanding its dynamics, and establishing neurokin relationships. Advocate for empowerment, using strategies for self-expression and building self-confidence.


Embody authenticity in various settings, encourage self-expression, and foster self-love through neurodivergent affirmations and daily practices.

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