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"We create safe spaces for neurodivergents and their carers to be, and love, their authentic self" - Tan ♡

Our Vision is to empower our clients to be their happiest & healthiest with our Neurodivergent Empowered 4 Pillar Blueprint:
Self-Awareness - Obtaining the knowledge of how our brain works best; understanding our unique Neurology; understanding our Sensory Profile &  our unique Nervous System needs. Learning about the Neurodiversity Paradigm and seeking out neurodivergent voices.

Self-Honesty - Who are you without your chosen and/or conditioned 'masks' - ie who were you before 'they' told you who you were & who are you when you are not trying to fit in? Releasing your masks and stims & exploring your internalised ableism and true identity.

Self-Confidence - The process of leaning into all of our authenticity for everyone to see, starting with our safe space facility, the 'Nest' & surrounding yourself with Neurodivergent-affirming allies, neurokin, relationships and supports.

Self-Love - Embracing and embodying all of the actions & conscious processes that optimise your beautiful, authentic neurodivergent soul blueprint.

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What has evolved into ‘Neurodivergent Empowered’ was birthed out of necessity - too many burnt out/stressed out carers not able to access the supports they need, & too many neurodivergent adults not able to access a diagnosis, support and/or correct medication. The generation of Neurodivergents that we failed as children (nearly every Neurodivergent adult has experienced some type of trauma) we are now failing again as adults.

When I reached out in panic to the Sunshine Coast neurodivergent community after being advised that all of the Psychiatrists on the Sunshine Coast had shut their books for new adult neurodivergent clients to be diagnosed and provided the proper medication for their needs I was met with crickets… I knew as a mother of a Neurodivergent child I couldn’t just sit by and doing nothing.

I can’t fix the Psychiatrist problem, but for the last 11 years I am a Transformational Therapist, Mastery level NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mind Trainer … and I am Neurodivergent myself. In saying that, this business isn’t about therapy… it’s about EMPOWERMENT. As per our Phoenix logo, it’s about rising from any ashes you have and returning to your happiest, healthiest self - for both Neurodivergents and their Carers, and for empowering the next generation of Neurodivergents to not have to face the same adversity that we did.

We empower Neurodivergents and their Carers through Friendship Programs, Online Programs, Fire Circles, Day Retreats and overnight Retreat Programs enabling them to connect to their unique self at what we call the “Nest” at Golden Beach (our safe ‘nest’ for our fellow Neurodivergent Phoenixes) that are held in 1:1 or group sessions - incorporating anything from breath work, SUPing, Fishing, Group hypnosis meditations (adults only), return to self conscious practices and much more.

Our Facilitators are referred to as “Water Carriers”, as every one of them are Neurodivergent themselves and has overcome adversities and risen from their ashes (and all been through our own Empowerment programs), carrying buckets of water for those that come after them.

You are welcome here.

Sending big love ♡

- "Water Carrier" T xx


'Water Carrier' Tan

Transformational Therapist & Mind Trainer

A Bit About Me

I am a late-diagnosed Neurodivergent Woman, and mother of an incredible Neurodivergent child.


I have experienced some incredible things - travelled Europe, played hockey for Australia Country until the age of 31, was employed in National Management Positions and run successful businesses & I have also experienced the trauma of not being supported for in the way my neurodivergent brain needed, not having the correct supports in place as Single Mother and Carer & seeing Neurodivergent adults still not get the care & support they need.  Finding  solutions for each of these things is why I am so incredibly passionate about being a 'Water Carrier' for those who come after me.  You can read all about how this lead to me being awarded the 2022 Sunshine Coast Community Gala Award for Emerging Community Leader here.

My Vision is to empower Neurodivergent children, teens and adults with self-awareness, self-acceptance, self confidence and self-love to be able to drop their masks and live authentic, happy lives.  I have hand-picked each team member to play a crucial role in achieving that vision because of the adversity they have faced and overcome being a Neurodivergent adult. My Vision also includes empowering Carers with the same self-awareness, self-acceptance, self confidence and self-love to help them remain connected to their authentic selves in this crucial, albeit mostly downplayed, contribution to their loved one and therefore community at large.

Fun Fact - I do daily ice-baths and sauna as part of my self-care and empowerment routine

Hobbies - Yoga, anything to do with the beach, Stand-up Paddle-boarding,  and surfing very badly while raising my son and our Cat, Pickles 💖💖

Formal Qualifications


Class of 2022

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

Class of 2010

Class of 2000

Class of 2000

The Advanced Mind Practitioner Training

Mastery Level - Clinical Hypnosis

Diploma of Counselling - currently studying

Mastery Level - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Diploma of Modern Psychology

 Bachelor of Business Management

Real Life Coaching Accreditation

 Bachelor of Human Resources Management


'Water Carrier' Rob

Support Worker and Neurodivergent Mentor

A Bit About Me

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager myself and also diagnosed Autistic at age 40.  This gives me very intimate and real knowledge of the challenges of being neurodivergent when not understood and supported. I have personally had a passion for supporting young males with the knowledge and guidance of what I did not grow up having about my neurology, sensory profile and nervous system, and had to go on and learn after scraping my knees with it unsupported through my life. 

I also have three neurodivergent children and have been coaching / mentoring children since 2012. You can read more about me and why I am so passionate about being a 'Water Carrier' for those who come after me  in this vulnerable post here.

I am now a Neurodivergent Warrior leading the way with empowering boys and young men to know and own who they are. My vision is for all my clients to know, who they are (self-acceptance) how they think (self-awareness) and what makes their Neurodivergent brain work at its optimal (leading to self-love). My purpose is to support my clients to live their most empowered life. My role is to remind you what you can do.


Fun Fact - I have meditated everyday for over 12 months.

Hobbies - mindfulness practices, outdoor adventures , kayaking, yoga and mountain bike riding

Professional Development

Tony Attwood

Positive Partnerships

Sam Gourley, Occupational Therapist

Nelle Frances, Autism Educator & Consultant

Thomas E Brown, Ph.D

Michele Novotni, Ph.D

Anne Dolin, M.Ed

Thomas E Brown, Phd & Ryan J Kennedy DNP

Theresa Cerulli M.D

Russel A Barkley, Ph.D

Adele Diamond,  Ph.D

Meg Leahy, MS NCC BCC

And too many more to include

Autism Professional Development Seminar

Autism: Characteristics, Impacts and Strategies

Reactive Kids Seminar: Supporting Self-Regulation in Challenging Children

Autism Sensory Detective Professional Development

Misdiagnosis: ADHD & Autism in smart kids and adults

How to make habits stick

Executive Functions, Complex ADHD 

Inattentive ADHD… Why ADD is misdiagnosed and the best way to treat it by

Complex ADHD, the new approach to understanding, diagnosing & treat the comorbidies in concert

Deficient emotional self regulation

Executive Functions in children & adults with ADHD

ADHD ages and stages, executive function integrative treatment and more

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