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Carer Empowerment  Program

Carers, it's your turn to RECEIVE.

Too many Carers are stressed out and burnt out.  In our Carer Empowerment Program you have any amazing opportunity to reconnect with your self and your child again.

Carer Empowerment Sessions

We know how important the Carer role is, and to be blunt, if the Carer 'falls over', so do their loved ones.  Not on our watch. Mastery Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner, Tanya, fully supports you in a very very relaxing, empowering & neurodivergent-affirming educational session that can be claimed under 'Carer Education' on your loved ones NDIS Support Plan. You will walk out feeling empowered and re-energised.

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Group Face to face sessions are held at the Golden Beach 'Nest' once per month 

Online bookings are delivered in a 1:1 format through zoom and face

Fishing Carer Education  Program

Learning doesn't just happen in a clinic or classroom...

This program is part of our accessibility program for supporting people to receive information in a way that works for THEM. 

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Learning in a relaxed, fun environment

Learning doesn't just happen in a clinic or classroom... and if you are neurodivergent like us, you know that's the last place you will take in the knowledge you need!

That's why we created our Fishing Carer Education Program where you can come and have a fish 1:1 with one of our Neurodivergent Mentors, Rob, in a relaxed, fun environment.

We want you to feel comfortable to open up and ask all of the questions you need to, and know that whatever you ask and share will be received in a non-judgemental way, while giving you all of the answers you need.

Yes, we have a lot of Dad's that take this opportunity to learn about Autism and ADHD in this way from someone who is actually Autistic and ADHD (Rob was diagnosed ADHD as a teenager and was also identified as Autistic at aged 39), and a parent of Neurodivergent children; but Mum's and grandparents - we know that some of you would rather learn in this way too and that's why we haven't labelled it just for Dad's.

A lot of people have shared that it takes the 'heaviness' out of learning about their child, and helps to reframe what is usually pathologicalised and a deficit, to leaving feeling empowered on how to support your child's neurological & sensory differences in a way that they feel loved, seen and connected with you in a way that works for them.

Sessions are $70/hr - bait and rods are supplied but whether you catch a fish is on you . Capacity Building NDIS claimable.

Carer & Child Empowerment  Program

For when full independence between Carer & Child is not yet achievable

I experienced the challenges myself of creating independence between my son & I.  Not only was he not ready to just go off with a Support Worker, I had developed PTSD and separation anxiety myself from seeing my son in too many traumatic scenarios.  This is why this program was developed.

The main Carer and child attend events with the two of us, and you develop a relationship with us while also having some fun with your child.  This could be Stand-Up Paddle-boarding together, Kayaking together, jumping on the trampoline together, fishing together and much more.  We supply all of the equipment and slowly get the both of you used to be with us together, an then easing up to being able to do that separately.

Carers are invoiced under the Carer Education NDIS code and Children are invoiced under the Support Worker code.  The goal is for you both to have fun together and learn confidence to start having fun apart too.

As we will need to coordinate both Facilitator's availability with your own. Please complete the registration form with your child's NDIS details for invoicing.

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