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Carer & Child Empowerment  Program

For when full independence between Carer & Child is not yet achievable

I experienced the challenges myself of creating independence between my son & I.  Not only was he not ready to just go off with a Support Worker, I had developed PTSD and separation anxiety myself from seeing my son in too many traumatic scenarios.  This is why this program was developed.

The main Carer and child attend events with the two of us, and you develop a relationship with us while also having some fun with your child.  This could be Stand-Up Paddle-boarding together, Kayaking together, jumping on the trampoline together, fishing together and much more.  We supply all of the equipment and slowly get the both of you used to be with us together, an then easing up to being able to do that separately.

Carers are invoiced under the Carer Education NDIS code and Children are invoiced under the Support Worker code.  The goal is for you both to have fun together and learn confidence to start having fun apart too.

Please Phone to book your spot. 

As we will need to coordinate both Facilitators availability with your own, we have found it easier to phone us on 0431 039 991 to book in.

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